For the Millions of Sane Human Beings Like Me Who Did Not Get David Letterman or his Humor, Here is What You Can Take Away from his Farewell Tonight


I have never watched an entire David Letterman show over the past 33 years he has been on the air. I have viewed snippets here and there, but like millions, I never got David Letterman or his humor. Letterman is no Johnny Carson, nor is he a Jay Leno, and he would probably admit that. But he was Dave!

Here are some take-aways from David Letterman’s life and show on-air:

1. Even though he was not as talented as others in his field, he did what he wanted to do.

2. David Letterman, although beset by setback after setback (some of them his own fault), never quit or got bitter.

3. When David Letterman had a major moral failure, he came clean. He made the best public confession of any modern public person. And it made him greater.

4. David stayed with his dream for a long time. Dr. King said, “Longevity has its place.” Doing something that you love well for a long period of time is honorable. Congratulations, Dave, for hanging in there.

5. David Letterman knows when to quit. He wisely realizes that you don’t have to do something until you die. Some older pastors could learn from David Letterman. Maybe Dave’s mother taught him this because she served as a pastor’s secretary for many years.

Farewell, David Letterman, from a non-fan.

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