America’s Largest United Methodist Church Expands With New $90 Million Sanctuary

The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection / Facebook
The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection / Facebook

Fewer Americans are calling themselves Christians.

A recent Pew Research Center study showed the Christian population in the U.S. has dropped to 70 percent, more than a third of millennials said they’re unaffiliated with any faith and 3 percent call themselves atheists – a small bump from 2007.

But there’s a mega church in Leawood that’s bucking the trend.

Church of the Resurrection, already the largest United Methodist church in the country, is building even bigger.

But some, even within the congregation, have asked if the $90 million sanctuary is excessive or God’s work?

The church, at 137th Street and Roe, encompasses 70 acres, is three blocks long, has 20,000 members and holds six or seven services each Sunday, and it still needs room to grow.

“I think when people drive by they’ll say, ‘I want to go inside,'” said Pastor Adam Hamilton.

The United Methodist Church is adding a new $90 million sanctuary because Hamilton believes new members keep coming.

Last year, the church added almost 1,500 new members.

It’s a lot of success for a pastor who in 1990 started the church with 90 people. They met in the only space available – a funeral home.

“That’s why I called it Church of the Resurrection. It seemed like a good name for a church meeting in a mortuary,” Hamilton said with a smile.

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Amy Hawley

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