Traditional Christian Churches In Fountain Hills, Arizona, Join Together and Launch Special Sermon Series to Push Back Against Progressive Christianity

Credit: @lindawfox10
Credit: @lindawfox10

Call it a faith fight: religion is at the center of a controversy brewing in Fountain Hills. It seems some traditional Christian churches are at odds with what’s being labeled as “Progressive Christianity.”

That community is known for stunning scenery, retirees and high-end homes — religion took center stage when banners started showing up Tuesday on eight traditional Christian churches in the area.

The banners promote a series of special sermons that start on Sunday named “Progressive Christianity: Fact or Fiction.”

“And when you have an effort collaborated by multiple churches in one community to try to discredit one other way of thinking, that’s when it becomes alarming,” said Rev. David Felten, head of The Fountains Progressive Christian Church.

The Fountains is the only progressive church in Fountain Hills and Felten says it offers an option to biblical Christianity.

“That lets people know there’s a choice out there, they don’t have to deny science, they don’t have to hate their gay neighbor, they don’t have to read and take the bible in a way that causes them to abandon their rational mind,” he said.

Just down the street from The Fountains, is the Fountain Hills Presbyterian Church. Rev. Bill Good acknowledges the coming Sunday messages are meant to push back against the progressive Christian movement.

“Frankly, we think progressive Christianity is misleading a lot of people,” he said. “There are some half-truths and untruths coming out and that are not helpful to folks that are trying to find their way to Jesus Christ.”

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Bob Smietana

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