R&B Star Kelly Price Outraged After 24-Hour CVS Refuses to Fill Her Prescription In the Middle of the Night ‘Because of the Neighborhood’


An R&B celebrity says a 24-hour CVS pharmacist refused to fill her prescription for painkillers in the middle of the night “because of the neighborhood.”

Kelly Price lives in Carson and is convinced the pharmacist meant the vicinity is unsafe because it’s in a low-income area. She saw what happened as an attack on the community.

“I was offended for the people of this neighborhood. I was offended for anybody who lives in a neighborhood that may not be considered the upper echelon where expensive homes are, or where six- and seven-figure earners live,” said the seven-time Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter.

It was 1 a.m. Tuesday and Price says she was trying to get painkillers for an upcoming dental procedure.

Price told CBS2’s Jennifer Kastner she located the store manager, and after 30 minutes of arguing, he convinced the pharmacist at the CVS on 150 Carson Street to fill her prescription.

CVS corporate apologized to Price on the phone late Wednesday and issued CBS2 a statement that read, in part: “It is not the store’s or the company’s policy to decline to fill certain prescriptions after midnight.”

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