Andrea McClurkin Mellini, Donnie McClurkin’s Sister, Shares How Her and Her Husband Were Miraculously Saved From Car Accident

Andrea McClurkin Mellini
Andrea McClurkin Mellini

Andrea McClurkin Mellini, gospel singer and sister to pastor Donnie McClurkin, is sharing how a miraculous encounter saved the lives of her and her husband, pastor Louis Mellini.

The Mellinis were driving in their car after midnight recently, when they noticed a car flying at them at a speed of what they estimated to be over 100 mph.

Andrea and Louis took to her Facebook page to recount the ordeal that took place when the couple was leaving church and an expressway was closed which led them to travel on a service road.

“I yelled and braced myself because I looked over and saw a car coming,” pastor Mellini said in the video that Andrea posted on Facebook. “It was right on us, going so fast that I totally went to the side and yelled ‘Jesus’ because I knew I was going to be the impact point. It was going to T-bone us.”

However, something miraculous happened and the car seemed to inexplicably pass behind theirs without a sound that could be expected from a fast moving vehicle.

“So the car did not hit us, number one praise the Lord. But, the car completely passed behind us,” Andrea said on the Facebook video that she made with her husband. “There was no sound, there was nothing. It was just a flash of light that passed behind our car.”

During the tumultuous event, the couple stopped the moving vehicle and said in unison ‘that car just went through us.’

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos

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