Trader Joe’s Must-Haves


Trader Joes is an institution, a neighborhood grocery store with a worldly feel. It’s also consistently ranked by Consumer Reports as one of the best supermarket chains in the US, which totally adds to the appeal. TJ’s is constantly evolving by creating delicious new products, some organic, some private labels and a lot of specialty items. They also offer a great selection of beer and liquor at pretty reasonable prices. Since we’re die-hard foodies here at The Savory, and we aren’t about to refuse a field trip to eat, we wanted to give you our picks for the top 8 NEW ITEM must haves and have nots.

Remember pop rocks? This firework chocolate bar is a combination of silky dark chocolate, pop rocks and cayenne pepper. The chocolate is smooth and the heat hits your tongue at the very end with popping sensations in your mouth each time you bite down. It’s definitely an experience and seems like more of a novelty. I recommend to try it at least once.

Speculoos cookie butter in between two butter cookies is ridiculous (in a good way.)  The butter cookies are super buttery and the creamy speculoos, while it totally stands on its own, is the perfect spread to tie the two cookies together. Each bite is super sweet so grab a glass of milk to wash them down.

It’s not the size that matters with this one. It’s a super burrito because of what’s inside. This bad boy is loaded with kale, quinoa, sweet potatoes, tangy spices and lots of vitamin and minerals. I was actually surprised at how delicious the flavor combination was. This is not your 79-cent bean and cheese burrito you used to pick up at the convenient store. Definitely stock up on these.

I was really excited to try these bbq chips because the packaging clearly said it was gonna have an exotic flavor. I expected the chips to have a bit of a kick or some over the top spicy sensation but they tasted like an unseasoned Lays BBQ chip. I wouldn’t recommend these if you are used to a more prominent bbq flavor.

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SOURCE: The Savory

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