Some of Your Favorite Foods Contain an Abundance of Sugar

Pasta Sauces

For years, fat was considered diet enemy number one. Those days are over. Sugar and other carbohydrates are now considered by both researchers and doctors to be the primary drivers of obesity.

But reducing sugar is not as easy as simply cutting sweet foods from your diet. Sugar hides in many foods you would never imagine, says Joe Colella, M.D., a leading bariatric expert and surgeon. He is author of The Appetite Solution, which reveals stealth sugar lurking in many of our favorite foods.

“We are consuming far too many simple sugars,” Dr. Colella tells Newsmax Health. “They’re in just about everything we eat that comes out of the package.”

By eliminating simple sugars and adding protein, we combat hunger and support muscle repair, both of which lead to permanent weight loss success.

“Simple sugars not only add pounds, but they trigger food cravings so you end up eating more of them,” explains Dr. Colella.

“Simple sugars are health saboteurs. They don’t have to travel through the intestines to deliver glucose to your body. They go right into the bloodstream and for the first few moments, you feel great.

“But then you crash and eat more sugar to get that high again. It’s a terrible rollercoaster that is devastating to overall health.”

Dr. Colella recommends consuming no more than 5 grams of sugar at each meal and no more than 20 grams per day. Check labels and you’ll be shocked at how many grams are hidden in your favorite foods.

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SOURCE: Newsmax Health
Lynn Allison

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