Kirk Franklin Says He Often Feels Guilty Over “Sunday Best” Contestants Who Don’t Win


Thousands of hopefuls have auditioned for BET’s Sunday Best, striving to be the next big thing in gospel.

When they don’t make it, the show’s host and producer, Kirk Franklin, 45, says he sometimes struggles with deep guilt.

In a new blog post titled, “How To Know When To Let Go Of Your Dream,” Franklin writes, “I’m quite sure that you can only imagine the difficult process it is to travel, stand in line for hours, some even days, just to get a chance at fulfilling a dream… only to be told no.”

Franklin continues, “I can’t count the times I’ve sat with contestants after their let down and listen to their hearts weep, feel like [a] failure and have no direction on what to do next.”

The CEO of Fo Yo Soul Entertainment entered into an exclusive agreement with Sunday Best in 2013 to sign each season’s winner to his label.

But everyone can’t be a winner.

Franklin says, “I am often lost for words and find myself feeling the guilt and weight of making this person’s dream come true.”

He adds, “But that power is not mine to give.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Norma Roberts

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