WATCH: Homeland Security Chief Said ‘There Was a Little Drone Flying Over My Head’ During Speech


DHS chief Jeh Johnson agreed with Chuck Todd that drones could make protecting 2016 presidential candidates more difficult. And, Johnson said as an example, he was a giving a speech recently when he looked up to see “a little drone flying over my head.”

Watch here:

“I’m thinking about campaign events in 2016 and I’m thinking about you’re going to have — how panicked is Secret Service about this issue of the proliferation of drones? Because I’m sitting here wondering how hard it’s going to be to secure outdoor campaign events now in 2016. You’re going to have — just trying to distinguish between we in the news media are using drones now and we love these aerial shots,” said Todd. “Boy, i’m looking at it, if I’m Secret Service, I’m thinking, boy which drone is which. Is that an NBC drone or is that some crazy man that wants to do damage?”

Johnson responded, “When you refer to a drone in this context, Chuck, I’m assuming you’re referring to the smaller –”

Todd replied, “Look, I’m referring to any of the stuff. Because some of it’s small and some of it could be big. Look, in this case, it was smaller stuff.”

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SOURCE: The Weekly Standard, Daniel Halper

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