Bishop Charles E. Blake Found Inspiration In a Mother’s Love for His Mother’s Day Sermon


“It’s a good day to thank God that He gave you a treasure that cannot be evaluated or assessed…That is the treasure of a precious Mother” – Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake found inspiration in a mother’s love for his Mother’s Day sermon titled, “A Woman, A Wife, A Mother.” He honored First Lady Mae L. Blake’s elegance and wisdom as a wife and mother, and shared some of her many contributions to the life of the church. An author, former principal and teacher at the West Angeles Christian Academy, “Lady Mae,” as she’s affectionately called, also designed the interiors of the West Angeles Cathedral and the North Campus multi-purpose building.

Bishop Blake also recognized every mother’s ability to do the extraordinary.

“Did you all see that mother in Baltimore (who pulled her son out of a riotous crowd and publicly disciplined him)? Thank you for every time you went upside our heads!” Bishop said. “If gangs are ever going to be extinct, it’s going to be because mothers put their foot down, and do like that lady did…She would not let him go, and I believe he’s a different young man now than the young man he was a few days before.”

Bishop continued by addressing all mothers and wives everywhere.

“Let me apologize to every mother who knows you have not been treated right. Let me apologize to every wife who was left behind…I know it’s been rough; I know it’s been tough, but let me inform you that there’s a God in Heaven, and you would not have made it this far without the Love of God.

“We love you, and we appreciate every diaper you changed, every bottle of milk you warmed…for every school visit you made…Come on, praise God for mothers!”

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Karen Lascaris

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