Are You Too Showy While Preaching? Here Are Some Guidelines to Guard Against Showmanship In the Pulpit

whooping preaching

Hey Folks,

Have you ever witnessed a preaching time when the message was okay, but the brother and his pulpit theatrics were kind of over the top? You ever seen a brother preaching and really wished that when he prayed “Lord hide me behind the cross,” it would have actually happened, or that at least he could have been hidden behind something? Brothers, do you wonder if sometimes you might be guilty of maybe too much showmanship in the pulpit? If so I have a few helpful guidelines that should aid you in pulpit manners.

  1. I know you are tempted, but please resist the urge to lead out in a congregational hymn. Just because you can preach does not mean you can sing. Furthermore, everyone knows the last number by the choir was long enough.
  2. Go ahead and finish the reading of that text. I realize at one time the “pregnant pause” was fashionable in Black pulpits, but now it’s rather irritating. The three year olds in the congregation are reading faster than you. It should not take you five minutes to read two verses.
  3. Please leave that big white bath towel in your bathroom at home. If you perspire that much while preaching, you might want to seek medical attention.
  4. If you need to bring a reasonably sized handkerchief to the pulpit, you should bring more than one and designate them for restricted use. For example, the one for your nose should only be used for your nose. Each time you use the already used nose hanky for wiping perspiration from your forehead, the sister in the third row gets nauseated.
  5. Remember the arm’s length rule. If at any time you are more than an arm’s length from the podium, you are out of bounds. Don’t say another word until you have moved back into the proper preaching zone. Besides that DVD of an empty platform with your voice is quite annoying for the sick and shut in.

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SOURCE: The Front Porch
Louis Love

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