Over 5,000 Catholics Have Been Killed by Boko Haram; 100,000 Catholics Have Been Forced to Leave Their Homes

(Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri/Facebook)
(Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri/Facebook)

Over 5,000 Catholics in one diocese have been killed by Boko Haram militants, according to a new report. Additionally, 100,000 Catholics have been forced out of their homes due to Boko Haram violence in the area.

The report, titled “Situation Report on the Activities of Boko Haram in the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri,” said that 350 Catholic churches have been attacked in the region. About 7,000 women in the diocese lost husbands and 10,000 children are orphans due to Boko Haram violence, Christian Today reports.

The terrorist group has also occupied parish centers and chaplaincy centers that were previously operated by the Church.

Father Gideon Obasogie, director of social communications in the Maiduguri diocese said, “People are very scared and those who are able to return home find there is nothing left.”

“A life lived with much fear is terrible,” he continued.

Catholics in the area face terrible persecution but Obasogie maintained that he was holding on to faith during the difficult time.

“The good Lord has always been on our side. He has seen us through thick and thin. Our faith has been purified through persecution,” he said.

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SOURCE: ChristianHeadlines.com
Carrie Dedrick

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