Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton Won’t Run for President in 2016


Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton says he’s not running for president after all.

In a statement and Facebook video, Bolton, who held the ambassador post under President George W. Bush, said he won’t be a candidate but that he will keep advocating for a strong foreign policy.

“Looking forward, I have decided not to seek the Republican nomination for president,” he said. “I believe I can make the strongest contribution to our future by continuing as a clear and consistent advocate for a strong Reaganite foreign policy that values peace through strength.”

Bolton’s PACs could provide a notable boost to a candidate he decides to support – or a significant threat to a presidential hopeful he targets as too weak on national security. In 2014, the organizations raised over $7 million to aid GOP candidates.

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SOURCE: NBC News, Carrie Dann and Kasie Hunt

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