Cavaliers’ Kendrick Perkins In Roadside Altercation With Wife

Kendrick Perkins wife

Cavaliers backup center Kendrick Perkins was involved in a roadside altercation on Wednesday morning, according to the Westlake, Ohio, police department.

According to police, a 911 caller reported that a man and woman were fighting by a car parked on the side of the road. When officers responded to the scene, they found Perkins and his wife, Vanity, waiting by their SUV.

No one was injured, arrested or cited, according to the police. The police report, expected to be completed by Thursday, will be reviewed by the Westlake city prosecutor, who will determine whether to file charges.

Both Perkins and his wife said it was a verbal altercation, according to police. However, the 911 caller claimed to witness physical contact.

“There is somebody having an altercation on the side of the road,” the caller says in a recording of the 911 dispatch provided to ESPN. “It looks like a woman is hitting the man and he’s trying to get out of the car. They’re parked on the side of the road.

“It looks like he was trying to get out and the person, which I think was a woman, was trying to pull him back, like grabbing him and pulling him back in [the car].”

Perkins, a 12-year veteran acquired by the Cavaliers in February, was given a ride by the police back to his home, and his wife left in the couple’s car.

The Cavaliers said Wednesday that they were aware of the alleged incident involving Perkins.

“We have spoken to Kendrick about this and understand he has cooperated fully with the authorities in their review of the situation and will continue to do so,” the team said. “We respect the process that the Westlake authorities will undergo in relation to this and have no further comment to make about the situation at this time.”

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Dave McMenamin

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