Arby’s Introduces New Garlic and Parmesan Chips

garlic and Parmesan-coated chips

Are fancy potato chips the new pretzel bun? It’s possible: the fried potato slices first showed up in a few Taco Bell test locations as a base for nachos, and now Arby’s is joining the tater party with their own line of garlic and Parmesan-coated chips. Will fast-food customers accept fresh chips as an alternative to French fries?

Will anyone stop at Arby’s for chips as a standalone snack, or do the chips go along with their sandwiches instead? Brand Eating reports that the chips will cost $2.29 for a bag, making them pricier than curly fries but significantly less curly.

Another limited-time offering announced at the same time as the chips are Boylan sodas at Arby’s. Those are craft sodas based on sugar rather than on corn syrup, which will be an alternate offering to fountain sodas.

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SOURCE: Consumerist
Laura Northrup

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