After Earning Master’s Degree, 16-Year-Old Illinois Teen Sets Sights on Ph.D.

Thessalonika Arzu-Embry
Thessalonika Arzu-Embry

At 16, most teenagers think about getting their driver’s license and borrowing the car. But one Illinois student is planning what to do with her Master’s degree.

Preparing for graduation has become a common experience for 16-year-old Thessalonika Arzu-Embry.

In 2013, she made national headlines when she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology at age 14. Now, she’s graduating with a Master’s degree from Regent University.

The Illinois teen majored in organizational leadership with a focus on strategic foresight, something she hopes to put to use right away.

“That degree is to help businesses prepare for the trends that will impact them in the future,” the young prodigy told CBN News.

Arzu-Embry chose Regent because of its outstanding academic track record and its strong Judeo-Christian principles.

“We had a lot of offers from different schools, but we felt the Lord leading us to go to this school,” she said. “It has that environment of the word of God being taught there and that’s what we like.”

In September 2014, she began online classes and finished the Master’s program in just eight months.

“We thank God for giving us the wisdom, giving me the wisdom to help finish my schoolwork and take these courses and understand them,” she said.

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