Nancy Leigh DeMoss Announces Her Engagement to Robert David Wolgemuth

Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Robert David Wolgemuth

Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Robert David Wolgemuth’s Engagement Announcement

Nancy Shares Her Heart

My dear friends,

By now, you’ve heard that I am engaged to be married. I understand that you may be in a state of shock at this news. Based on the response of some who have learned about this development in recent weeks, they may sooner have expected the earth and the sun to collide!

Well, no one could have been more caught off guard by this turn of events than I. In recent years, I have found myself in the most settled, contented, healthy, fruitful place of life and ministry ever. I did not have the slightest inkling that He was about to call me to step out into a whole new realm of faith and service.

Enter the God of love, mystery, and surprises!

In the days ahead, I am eager to share that story with you, my beloved friends and partners in ministry. Here’s a bit of background and update for starters . . .

Robert Wolgemuth and I have been acquainted for more than ten years. Robert is an author and literary agent whose agency represented me some years ago. In 2008, I interviewed Robert and his wife Bobbie, along with their two daughters and one of their granddaughters, on their love of hymns . . . something we surely shared in common.

Last fall, after a two-and-a-half-year battle with cancer, Bobbie went Home to be with the Lord. Her memorial service was live streamed and I had the joy of watching it. What a beautiful celebration of a life lived for the glory of God. In January we aired a two-day Revive Our Hearts broadcast honoring Bobbie’s journey and ministry.

Following Bobbie’s Home-going, Robert and I began communicating on a pure friendship level. At one point, he asked if I would be open to continue developing a relationship to see where the Lord might lead us.

To say this was unexpected would be a huge understatement. As many of you know, though I am a strong champion of marriage and have never ruled out the possibility of marriage for myself, up to this point, I had always had a strong sense of being set apart and uniquely gifted to serve the Lord as a single woman. Throughout my adult life, marriage simply has not been on my radar.

I shared with Robert that if I were ever to be married, I would need to know that the Lord was redirecting me from serving Him as a single woman with “undivided” focus (1 Corinthians 7), to glorify and serve Him as a “divided” married woman. Following that initial conversation, I began to earnestly seek the Lord’s guidance in this matter.

From the outset, I sensed God’s hand and providence in this unfolding story, and had great peace about taking each step. Regardless of the outcome, I knew this process would be a good one for me. How I thank the Lord for this fresh opportunity to seek Him and to surrender my plans and future to Him.

Over the past few months, Robert and I have spent time getting to know each other better; we have visited with each others’ family and friends; we have sought wise, godly counsel; mostly we have sought the Lord, including concentrated time in His Word and an extended season of fasting and prayer.

Robert is an amazing man of God. I have always had great regard for him—I don’t know of anyone who is more highly respected in the Christian book publishing industry. But the better I know him, the more I have found to love and respect about him. He is a man who knows and loves the Lord and His Word with all his heart. In the midst of all this, I have experienced the love of God in fresh and precious ways. I am so, so grateful.

My life verse has been Mary’s response to the angel in Luke 1—”I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word” (v. 38). My heart’s desire in this journey has been only to know and to do whatever would bring Him the greatest glory.

Throughout my life, my goal and my greatest joy has been to tell the great redemption Story of Jesus and His love. I’ve often said that my desire was to be a “wedding coordinator”—to help the Bride get ready for the Wedding. For decades, I have done that as a single woman, wholly devoted to Christ and His kingdom.

Over these months, it has become clear to me that the Lord wants me to continue telling that gospel story . . . as a married woman.

So on May 2, when Robert asked if I would marry him, I said yes. With all my heart.

He placed a ring on my finger (a family heirloom with a lovely story of its own), a symbol of the marriage covenant we will seal when we make our vows at the altar.

I love this man dearly and look forward to becoming Mrs. Robert Wolgemuth. But my life mission has not changed. It will now be our life mission to magnify the Lord together and to shine a spotlight on the loveliness and the amazing, saving love of Christ, our heavenly Bridegroom.

Lord willing, we are planning to be married in the Fall. Our intent is to continue serving Him wholeheartedly, trusting Him to make us even more spiritually fruitful together than we could be apart. We envision a continued robust Revive Our Hearts ministry. Our longing is for even more women (and men) around the world to experience freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ.

As Robert and I prepare to be united as husband and wife, our deep desire is for our marriage to be a picture of His cosmic, redemptive purposes for manhood, womanhood, and marriage—all for the glory of God and the joy of His people. Further, we want the love He has given us for each other to point those around us to the stunning, sacrificial, selfless love of God for those He calls His own.

We need and so value your prayers as we navigate a long distance courtship, plan a wedding, and faithfully fulfill our current ministry/work responsibilities. Above all, our continual prayer in this season and for the rest of our lives is, “May Christ be magnified.”

With heartfelt gratitude,


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SOURCE: Revive Our Hearts

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  1. Wow, God is amazing. I love how He writes our stories. I must confess when I read this I wept. I wept with joy, with hope and with a little laughter. I have always felt a “kinship” as a single woman (a little older one too). I have often said that it is still possible God might give me a mate. Just as you Nancy, have helped me to see my singleness as the blessed gift that it is, I look forward to seeing how God leads you in this chapter of your story.

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