7 Bodies Found Behind Shopping Center in Connecticut

William Devin Howell (PHOTO CREDIT: SOCDOCJ)
William Devin Howell (PHOTO CREDIT: SOCDOCJ)

After finding the bodies of seven people behind a shopping center in New Britain, Connecticut, police sources have reportedly identified a single man as their killer.

William Devin Howell, a 45-year-old Connecticut prison inmate currently serving a sentence on unrelated manslaughter charges, is suspected of killing all seven people, an insider familiar with the investigation told NBC.

Police haven’t said publicly whether Howell is a suspect in the murders.

If he is indeed responsible for all the deaths, it would make him one of the state’s most prolific serial killers, rivaling Michael Ross, who was executed in 2005 after he confessed to killing eight women and girls in the 1980s.

Three of the bodies were found in 2007 after a hunter discovered one set of remains in the swampy area behind the shopping plaza. Authorities announced Monday that they’d found four more bodies, CBS reports.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE.com, Tara Fowler

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