WATCH: How God Took Comfort Food and Gave Cheryl Watts a New Future

Cheryl Watts

Every batch of tea cakes Cheryl Watts pulls out of her oven comes with warm memories of her late grandmother Loretta Moore and the ones she used to make.

“I thought they were the best cookies that I had because my grandma made them. They’re made with simple ingredients, like a little sugar and flour, a hint of vanilla.”

Cheryl started making the tea cakes to keep her mind off the death of her husband in 1995. She was making hundreds and giving them away, until a grocery store manager asked her to sell them in his store. Cheryl realized she was onto something. She also knew tithing would be the key to her future success.

“Tithing off the top of my business was important to me because I felt that God blessed me to start a business, so I wanted to give back. As a result of tithing, the Lord blessed my business by giving me more business. And you know, we just kept getting more stores and we started making more money.”

Within three years she was in 25 stores. By the five-year mark she had reached 100 and had expanded her product line. During that time, she also married Curtis who began helping her with the company. Cheryl continued tithing but she wanted to give more. As a regular viewer of The 700 Club, Cheryl decided to become a CBN partner.

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SOURCE: The 700 Club
Michelle Wilson

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  1. Dear,Cheryl I remember tea cakes as a little girl they were the best. So how do I get some of your tea cakes ,I’ve never seen them here in Florida. They always tasted like a small pound cake.

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