T.D. Jakes Pays Tribute to His Mother Odith Patton Jakes on Mother’s Day

Credit: T.D. Jakes Instagram
Credit: T.D. Jakes Instagram

Dallas mega pastor Bishop T. D. Jakes loves his mama.

In honor of her memory on Mother’s Day, the 57-year-old posted a touching tribute to Mrs. Odith Patton Jakes on Instagram.

“She was the wind beneath my wings! Smart, strong and sassy was her ammo! Most of what I learned about life or public speaking, I learned from her,” wrote Jakes in a caption above two side-by-side photos. One image, shows the son warmly embracing his elderly mother. The other is a black-and-white portrait of Odith in her younger years.

He continued, “She and my father shaped me with their hands of love! Her business acumen and unfailing love guided me through this world! I can’t let the day go by without showing you that I didn’t get here by myself!”

In a 2009 piece written for Essence.com, Jakes described his mom, formerly a South Charleston, West Virginia school teacher as “so eloquent, so well-spoken and so intelligent” before the impact of Alzheimer’s ravaged her.

“Somewhere in heaven I hope they have Instagram so she can see that I have not forgotten her impact on my life!! One of Gods [sic] greatest gifts to me was a great mother!” Jakes’ May 10 Instagram post said.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Wendy Adams

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