Over 900 Unchurched Students Commit Their Lives to Christ After Hearing from Lecrae, Sadie Robertson at RUSH Event

Sadie Robertson, Lecrae

Some 900-plus unchurched students committed their lives to Christ Saturday after hearing from Sadie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” and Christian rapper Lecrae at the Reaching Unchurched Students for Him Ministries’ event in Meansville, Georgia.

Founded by Marc Pritchett, RUSH Ministries hosts the dynamic conference once a year in order to teach Christian students to reach their unchurched friends. This year’s speakers included Robertson, a role model for Christian teens who stars on “Duck Dynasty” and appeared on “Dancing with the Stars,” as well as Lecrae, who also performed his Grammy Award-winning hip hop music during the event.

Approximately 6,500-7,000 people attended the event and according to Pritchett, 925 of them committed their lives to Christ.

“The nature of [the] event, whether it be concerts, celebrities, games, or other things that we do, are all aimed at getting those kids in the community, or in the world if you will, not in the church necessarily, but to get the church friends to bring the students that may never walk into a church,” RUSH Ministries’ co-founder explained to The Christian Post.

RUSH Ministries, which is based in Thomaston, Georgia, is celebrating its 11th year in the annual conferences, and Pritchett revealed that 10,000 souls have been reached through the ministry. The pastor explained that RUSH’s events help “temper” young peoples’ hearts for hearing the Good News.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Emma Koonse

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