Ed and Lisa Young Share Why Sigmund Freud Failed to Understand What Women Want In Mother’s Day Message

Pastor Ed and Lisa Young of Fellowship Church on Mother's Day SCREENSHOT
Pastor Ed and Lisa Young of Fellowship Church on Mother’s Day

Pastor Ed and Lisa Young of Fellowship Church in Texas had a special message for their congregation on Mother’s Day Sunday to unpack some of the biggest secrets about women that even Sigmund Freud failed to understand, and to explain what true beauty is.

“Is it possible to understand women?” Pastor Young asked his wife, Lisa, as they began the message in their megachurch.

Young said Sigmund Freud, known as the father of psychoanalysis, could not, and quoted him: “The great question that has never been answered and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my 30 years of research into the feminine soul, is, ‘What does a woman want?'”

But Freud had a “God gap,” the pastor and his wife said.

They shared two things that are crucial in understanding women.

“The better we know God, the better we know ourselves,” Lisa said, sharing the first point, and quoted Jeremiah 1:5, which reads, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”

And when women know themselves, others can also know them better, Pastor Young said.

But how can God be known better? It’s the “BPC” principle: Bible, prayer and church, they said.

Prayer, which is having a conversation with God; reading the Bible, which is God’s Word and the “unlimited mirror;” and going to church, can help one know God better, Young said.

Lisa shared the second point, saying, “What matters is the matter,” and explained that men and women have different brain matter.

When God made Adam and Eve, He didn’t make identical twins, but He created them male and female to complement each other, she added.

The word, “helper,” in the Book of Genesis doesn’t mean a “servant,” but “a complement to,” she clarified.

When you take your eyes off God, you begin to feel insecure, a feeling that most women struggle with in their lives, and takes us off-track, Lisa said. “Don’t let insecurity steal the position that God has for you.”

Your boyfriend, or husband or father cannot be a substitute for God in giving you a sense of true security, she added.

When we look at ourselves, it matters what eyes are we looking through. There are four things about how God looks at us, Lisa said.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Anugrah Kumar

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