5 Ways to Feed Your Faith at Work


Whether you’re a corporate worker bee, mogul or small-business owner, it’s inevitable that your spiritual beliefs and your business dealings will intersect. Since faith without works is fruitless, here are my secrets for faith in action. 

STAY FOCUSED. At one point you were praying to get the job you now have. Perhaps other issues are emerging as tools of self-sabotage to steal your focus and keep you from being as productive as you can be. When personal pain threatens to push you off track, take a break, refocus and regroup.

KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COWORKER AND A FRIEND. In the Bible’s Book of Genesis, Joseph has a dream and shares it with others only to be ridiculed, set up for failure and attacked due to their jealousy. Such can be the workplace environment. More often than not, when it comes to important tasks or good ideas, you have to learn how to keep silent, “ponder them in your heart” (Luke 2:19) and talk about them with only the parties directly involved.

RESIST JEALOUSY. Celebrate others when they do well. Just like you pray that God blesses you despite your inadequacies, so do others. Even if they don’t have a relationship with Him, Matthew 5:45 says, “God provides for the just and unjust.” Don’t question who He blesses.

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Source: ESSENCE | Tera Carissa

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