Man Sentenced in Death of Former University of Alabama Defensive Coordinator Joe Kines’ Daughter

Marcus Crawford enters court on Monday, April 20. (Source: WBRC video)
Marcus Crawford enters court on Monday, April 20. (Source: WBRC video)

The man convicted in the death of former University of Alabama Defensive coordinator Joe Kines’ daughter was sentenced to nine months in the Tuscaloosa County Jail as part of a five year sentence. 

Marcus Crawford entered court surrounded by supporters on Monday.

Susan Kines Langston’s mother wiped away tears inside the courtroom as he asked for her family’s forgiveness.

“This was reckless. There was no reason this should have happened,” Tuscaloosa County Assistant District Attorney Eddie Sherlock said.

In 2010, Crawford tried to pass a vehicle near Northridge High School. Authorities say never looked for oncoming traffic and hit Langston head on, killing her at the scene.

Langston’s husband Keith told Crawford he wasn’t mad at him anymore.

Prosecutors say losing his wife has forever changed their family.

“Mrs. Langston would be here with her two children, her husband and the rest of the family during the holidays as you know from Mr. Langston, he now spends with his children going to the cemetery and visiting his wife,” Sherlock said.

Crawford told Tuscaloosa County Circuit Judge Brad Almond since the crash, he has spoken at church and groups at the juvenile detention center about how making bad decisions affect your life.

“He has demonstrated as he spoke today of his remorse. He spent the large part of the trial of this case in tears. Tragically, there’s no amount of tears that can rectify this or bring Mrs. Langston back,” Crawford’s defense attorney, Andrew Smith, said.

He must turn himself in to the Tuscaloosa County Jail on Friday to begin serving his sentence.

Source: WBRC

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