Some Accuse Christian Artists Like Toby Mac and Lecrae of Using ‘Occult’ Symbols In Their Music Videos, Artwork

(PHOTO: SCREENGRAB/YOUTUBE) Christian rapper Lecrae makes triangular hand gesture in KB's "Sideways" music video. Fans accuse him of swearing allegiance to the occult.
Christian rapper Lecrae makes triangular hand gesture in KB’s “Sideways” music video. Fans accuse him of swearing allegiance to the occult.

Skulls, triangle-shaped hand signs sometimes depicting the all-seeing eye of Egyptian god Horus and other symbolic gestures which many conspiracy theorists interpret as occult imagery, have been showing up in the music videos and artwork of prominent Christian artists such as Toby Mac, Lecrae and Andy Mineo, and fans are concerned that they might be affiliated with a secret society popularly known as the Illuminati — a shadow group they believe runs the world behind closed doors.

Lecrae triggered a frenzy online among Christian fans last month when he posed the triangular hand sign in KB’s “Sideways” music video that resembled Jay Z’s infamous Roc gesture. Conspiracy theorists such as YouTube’s The Vigilant Christian say this is a Freemason and occult hand signal and some fans say Lecrae has connections to the dark side.

“Why is Lecrae throwing that kinda symbolism???? @ 2:32. This is no coincidence anymore [because] he did the same thing in his album ‘Anomaly,'” said Bax Storm in the YouTube comments section for “Sideways.” “All these symbols are believed to be of satanism which they are. I’m not hating on Lecrae. I’m just concerned.”

“I think it’s time to start questioning [Reach Records and Lecrae] even though they have Christian lyrics here and there,” said user Kevin Smith. “This one’s revealing of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Lecrae, however, laughed off the accusations in a recent Rapzilla interview.

“We’re always laughing because [we wonder what fans] are going to find in this to think it’s Illuminati. I was thinking [I was representing a] steeple [with my hands],” said Lecrae in an interview. “But I guess triangles represent secret society. So I’ve got to talk to my kids because they’ve been doing a lot of geometry lately. I wonder if the teachers are inducting them into some kind of Illuminati activity.”

The rapper also addressed the use of the symbols in a 2014 interview with CP Voice.

“[Symbols] either represent something or they don’t. What they represent is really in the heart and the mind and the eye of each individual beholder. So where as in one country [I can hold up the peace sign] and that means peace, but in another country this is a derogatory symbol. So for me, when I see art, I see art and if it doesn’t have a meaning it doesn’t. I don’t take it to mean some kind of cultish symbol. And maybe that was the creator’s intention, but that doesn’t have any weigh-in on my life,” he said. “I believe the Earth is the Lord’s and everything there in. God made everything. It’s ours for the taking to use however we want to use it as long as it honors him.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Vincent Funaro

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