Richard Land Says He Would Refuse to Perform a Homosexual Wedding, But Has Mixed Feelings About Attending One

Richard Land
Richard Land

The president of an evangelical seminary says he has mixed opinions about attending a same-sex ceremony, even though he doesn’t support same-sex “marriage.”

Dr. Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, says he would make a “case by case, personal relationship basis.”

He gives the hypothetical example of a son, “who was engaged in a behavior that he would know that my wife and I deeply disapprove of.” But at the same time,” he adds, “we would still love our son.”

Ohio Governor John Kasich has told CNN that he agreed to attend the same-sex wedding ceremony of a friend, even though he didn’t personally support same-sex marriage.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also revealed that he attended the reception of a homosexual couple, even though he didn’t attend the wedding itself.

Other GOP presidential hopefuls also indicated that they might attend such ceremonies.

“And whether I attend a gay-wedding ceremony, or whether I attended a gay-wedding reception, would not in any way shape or form alter what people know that I believe about same-sex marriage,” Land tells OneNewsNow.

As a minister, he adds, he would refuse to perform a same-sex wedding.

Land says he could not support a candidate who openly advocates for same-sex marriage, such as Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman, who is running for re-election next year. Portman publicly changed his views on homosexuality after his son revealed his is gay.

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