Man Who Abducted and Killed Teen Girl he Lured on Facebook Gets 60 Years


A man who used a fake Facebook profile to set up a meeting with a 15-year-old girl before killing her in a botched abduction was sentenced Friday to 60 years in prison.

Justice Ann Murray cited an “utter lack of remorse” as she sentenced Kyle Dube, of Orono, in the death of 15-year-old Nichole Cable in May 2013.

The prosecutor said Dube abducted Nichole to have sex with her after arranging a meeting outside her Glenburn home by posing as someone else using a fake Facebook profile. She said he killed her when she resisted.

Nichole died from asphyxiation. Her body was found in Old Town after an eight-day search in May 2013.

Dube, 22, told others he wore a disguise in a bizarre plot in which he intended to kidnap Nichole and then return as the rescuer to find her safe and sound, police said. Instead, he found his duct-taped victim dead in the back of his father’s pickup, police said.

Nichole’s mother, Kristine Wiley, said Nichole’s three younger sisters are filled with fear that “the bad man” will come after them, too. She urged the judge through tears to show no mercy.

“She had so many dreams. Dreams of getting her driver’s license, turning sweet 16 … She had dreams of getting married and having one child,” Wiley said. “Please do not let him out. Do not let him do this to another person,” she said.

Dube’s mother, Tammy Dube, tearfully described her son as a loving father to his 4-year-old daughter and asked the judge to take into consideration that he’s still young. Kyle Dube stared down at the table and wiped his eyes as his mother talked. He didn’t speak at the hearing.

A jury convicted in March after deliberating for less than an hour and prosecutors said the evidence was overwhelming. The phony Facebook profile was traced to Dube’s home, and DNA evidence pointed to him, as well. Several people also testified that Dube confessed.

Murray said immediately after Nichole’s killing, Dube had the “calculating presence of mind” to scrap Nichole’s nails, remove her clothes and hide her body in the woods. Afterward, he picked up his girlfriend and went to bed with her, Murray said.

“I think this is a chillingly remorseless response to killing another human being.”

Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea said the defendant’s lack of contrition was a significant aggravating factor. She’d sought a sentence of 90 years — 60 years for murder and 30 years for kidnapping.

Dube got a 60-year sentence for murder and 30 years for kidnapping, to be served concurrently.

Zainea said after the hearing that she was very pleased with the judge’s decision.

Defense lawyer Stephen Smith sought a 45-year sentence and asked the judge to show compassion, saying that there’s hope for rehabilitation and that Dube could return to society.

Smith said the sentence provides some hope that Dube could get out of prison when he’s in his 70s. He said he has already filed an appeal for the conviction.

SOURCE: AP – Alanna Durkin

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