With Cameron’s Party Dominating UK Elections, Obama Keeps Key Ally in Fight Against ISIS


British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Tory party’s decisive victory in parliamentary elections likely has President Obama breathing a sigh of relief, with analysts saying the win virtually ensures the continuation of vital U.K. support in fighting the Islamic State and other security matters. 

“You need to have a very strong, robust Britain on the world stage,” said Nile Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom with the Heritage Foundation. “I think it’s very important that the United States has alongside it a leader who is willing to take on and fight against the Islamist extremists.”

Cameron’s party defied the polls, which predicted a tight race that could leave the balance of power in Britain’s Parliament up in the air. There had been a distinct possibility that, with nobody winning a clear majority, the center-left Labour Party would be able to cobble together a coalition with other parties not so hawkish on military matters as Cameron and the Conservatives.

Instead, Cameron’s Conservative Party won an unexpected majority. After meeting with Queen Elizabeth II on Friday afternoon, Cameron returned to his office to announce he would form a majority Conservative government.

Obama may actually have more in common with Labour’s Ed Miliband, both of them left-leaning politicians. Yet while Cameron is more fiscally conservative than Obama on many fronts, Obama and Cameron have nevertheless developed a close alliance, even a friendship, in addressing their shared challenges. Their two governments are cooperating in ongoing nuclear talks with Iran and, importantly, in the international fight against Islamic terrorism.

Pollster and Fox News contributor Frank Luntz, in London, said Cameron is now the “undisputed leader.”

“It’s very important for U.S. foreign policy,” he said. “This will continue Britain’s support for what the U.S. is doing to challenge ISIS, support for Israel. It’s a very significant win for the U.S., and it’s a very significant win for people who are right of center in Europe and America.”

Cameron is known for taking a hard line against Islamic radicalism, speaking more bluntly about the challenge than Obama. Gardiner noted that, “he clearly identifies the nature of the Islamist threat, in contrast to President Obama.” Gardiner said, “He believes we are engaged in a global war with Islamist extremism.”

Despite the rhetorical differences in Obama and Cameron’s approaches, the two countries have been key partners in airstrikes against ISIS over Iraq, with the U.K. one of the biggest contributors. The U.K. has contributed to surveillance missions as well.

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SOURCE: FoxNews.com

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