A Bunch of Crazy Easy Casseroles

Goldfish Tuna Casserole
Goldfish Tuna Casserole

No one ever said that cooking couldn’t be fun.  In fact, most people think of cooking as a chore or one of the day’s many tasks. But we’re going to let you in on a secret: cooking can be fun!  We decided to add a wacky side to your everyday casserole recipes that the family will love.

So, we put together a collection of 15 Wild & Crazy Casserole Recipes that will not only make dinner interesting, but also super delicious. Get the family involved and surprise them with a casserole recipe that will have them looking forward to dinner every day.

A great way to get the kids involved in making dinner, these wacky casserole recipes add a little twist to your average casserole dish. People say that variety is the spice of life, so why not start with adding a little variety to your casserole recipes? Great if you are looking for new ideas for dinner, our collection has a little of everything.

From potato casserole recipes, to simple chicken casseroles, this collection has it all, and so much more. Don’t make dinner another daily task. Show off your fun side and create a wild and crazy casserole that the family will love. You never know, you may find some new casserole recipes that will become household favorites. Bring one to a potluck dinner or enjoy in the comforts of your own home, and enjoy 15 Wild & Crazy Casserole Recipes.

Enchilada Pasta Bake –  Loaded with cheese, beans and noodles, you don’t have to worry about tortillas in this recipe remix for enchiladas.

Meat Loaf Casserole –  Instant mashed potatoes come together with ground beef to make this hearty quick and easy casserole.

Bubble Up Pizza Casserole – ith a cheesy topping of dough that “bubbles up” above the filling as it bakes, this simple casserole is as delicious as it is wild and crazy.

Goldfish Tuna Casserole – What fun! This sassy, microwave version of a tuna, rice and veggie casserole features a crunchy topping of fish-shaped Cheddar crackers.

Crazy Nacho Casserole – Fully loaded with cheesy, crunchy awesome flavor; it’s hard to stop eating once you start!

Pasta Pizza Pie –  Tri-colored corkscrew pasta creates a tasty bottom “crust” and is topped with tomato sauce, a savory mushroom-onion sauté, and mozzarella cheese.

Ravioli Taco Bake – Simple to make and budget friendly, everyone will love it!

Baked Eyeballs Casserole – With mozzarella cheese and black olive “eyeballs,” this cheesy pasta bake is not your average dinner dish.

Cowboy Casserole – Out of all the easy casserole recipes to choose from, none are quite as unique and delicious as this one!

Hamburger Crunch –  It’s all in the name. With every crunchy bite, your taste buds will fall in love.

Chicken Salad Casserole – Many of the good ingredients we love about chicken salad are well represented in this unique, easy-to-make casserole.

Chicken Enchilasagna – For a guilt-free enchilada recipe that’s to-die-for check out this amazing dish! Featured in The Most Decadent Diet Ever!

Tasty Easy Reuben Casserole – Check out this fantastic, tasty sauerkraut recipe. This Tasty Easy Reuben casserole is perfect for changing up your Irish cuisine, or any day of the week!

Blast from the Past Chow Mein Casserole – Get nostalgic in your kitchen with this Chinese hamburger casserole recipe. It’s a classic, easy dish your whole family will love.

Kitchen Sink Rice Bake – This rice bake includes a colorful array of healthy vegetables that you most likely already have in your refrigerator or freezer.

SOURCE: Recipe Lion

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