Officer Charged with Manslaughter in Freddie Gray Case Allegedly Threatened to Kill Himself and Former Partner’s Husband

Brian Rice and Document Photograph: Reuters
Brian Rice and Document Photograph: Reuters

The Baltimore police lieutenant charged with the manslaughter of Freddie Gray allegedly threatened to kill himself and the husband of his former partner, during incidents that led to him being disciplined and twice having his guns confiscated.

Brian Rice, who pursued and arrested Gray after the 25-year-old “caught his eye” on 12 April, was reportedly given an administrative suspension after being hospitalised for a mental health evaluation when he warned he was preparing to shoot himself in April 2012.

Rice, 41, also received an internal discipline when a judge granted a temporary restraining order against him after a request from Andrew McAleer, the husband of Karen McAleer, who is the mother of Rice’s young son and a fellow Baltimore police officer. Rice has been married to and divorced from two further women, according to court records.

A sharply critical nine-page complaint against Rice, which Andrew McAleer filed to a court in Maryland in January 2013, is being published in full for the first time by the Guardian. It details what McAleer, a Baltimore firefighter, described as a “pattern of intimidation and violence” by the officer.

Rice was released on bail after being charged with manslaughter, assault, misconduct and false imprisonment following an inquiry into Gray’s death on 19 April. Prosecutors say Gray died after his neck was broken during a prolonged van journey in handcuffs and shackles.All six officers involved in his arrest have been bailed on criminal charges.

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Source: The Guardian | Jon Swaine and Oliver Laughland in New York

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