Dallas Theological Seminary Acknowledges All Racial Problems Have Not Been Resolved, Says School’s President Apologizes for Racism “Every Year”


Dallas Theological Seminary, one of the top 20 seminaries in the U.S., revealed Tuesday that the school’s President, Mark L. Bailey, apologizes for racism “every year” after graduate Jimmy King, who now serves as senior pastor of Proclamation Church in Orlando, revealed that he was once told “we’ve never placed a black graduate to a white church” when he tried getting help from the school in finding a job.

“In the last year, I went to the placement office, I said ‘I’m ready to be placed.’ They said, ‘we’ve never placed a black graduate to a white church,'” King, who graduated in 2006, recalled at the Reconciled Church Summit in Orlando, Florida, last Wednesday.

He made the recollection before a panel of church leaders, including the Reconciled Church movement founders Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Harry Jackson, and televangelist and pastor James Robison.

“I go back to my class that they have for senior members. They have a panel of pastors from all over Dallas, Texas, all white pastors with the elders’ board. I left that placement office really angry and upset. So when I went to that class with the panel sitting there when they asked do you have any questions, I said ‘why don’t you hire black graduates?’ You could hear a pin drop. I still haven’t gotten an answer,” he said.

In an email statement on the encounter shared with The Christian Post on Tuesday, John Dyer, executive director of Communications and Educational Technology said: “We are deeply saddened to hear of the pain our graduate Jimmy King, has experienced from racial tensions in the church, and since this article was posted we’ve reached out to him to better understand his experience.”

The statement continued: “The director of placement at the time Jimmy graduated has since passed away, so we cannot verify the details of their conversation, but Kevin Hawkins, DTS’s current alumni and placement coordinator for African-American students, indicated that DTS’s placement statistics show that African-American graduates have been referred to ministries without distinction, including predominately white churches, in the years before and since Jimmy graduated.

“Dallas Theological Seminary condemns racism in all forms, and we believe that racial reconciliation is a critical ministry of the church. Many of our graduates serve in mosaic and multi-ethnic churches, and we are humbled by the way they serve Christ and his Church world-wide.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Leonardo Blair

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