With His Domestic Violence History, Lolo Jones Criticized for Posing With Floyd Mayweather Jr.; Joking She May ‘Quit Track to Be His Housekeeper’

(Instagam @lolojones)
(Instagam @lolojones)

Christian track and field star Lolo Jones is responding to fans who’ve criticized her decision to post a photograph of herself with professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Instagram saying she would “quit track to be his housekeeper just so I can make more money.”

Jones, 32, posted the image with Mayweather before he defeated devout Christian pugilist Manny Pacquiao in a highly publicized matchup Saturday. While she asked people who they believed would win the big fight, she also made a joke about wanting to be employed by “Money” Mayweather, who has been known to be extremely vocal about his wealthy financial status.

“I may quit track to be his housekeeper, just so I can make more money,” Jones wrote on the photograph.

Comments in response to Jones’ Instagram image, however, make it clear that people were not amused. A number of Jones’ fans spoke out against her posting the image of herself standing next to a “woman beater.”

“Hey Lolo I love u but r u and other celebs aware that Floyd is a serial convicted woman beater,” one person questioned her on Instagram. “Would u take a picture with Ray Rice?”

Others told her that they hope she doesn’t get punched by the boxer, while one person explained why the image disappointed them.

“Sorry to be snippy, but just so disappointed in you, Lolo. You were such a strong role model for girls,” another person wrote. “To see you supporting a ‘man’ with such little regard for women and zero remorse for his abuse of women (including his babies’ mommas) is really a blow.”

Mayweather has a history of domestic violence abuse accusations being brought against him, and one conviction led to him serving a three-month jail sentence three years ago.

Jones, however, defended her reasoning for smiling in a photograph with Mayweather ahead of the big fight.

“My dad domestically abused my mother. He almost killed her,” Jones wrote. “She was in the hospital for months. He served many years in jail.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos

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