Episcopal Bishop Heather Cook Finally Resigns

Heather Cook, photo courtesy of Episcopal News Service
Heather Cook, photo courtesy of Episcopal News Service

The first female bishop of the Episcopal church here in Maryland resigns her post. It comes after Heather Cook is charged in the death of a cyclist while she was allegedly driving drunk.

Rick Ritter has more on Cook’s move.

The national church has now banned Cook from acting as an ordained person, meaning she no longer has standing in the church. Her attorney tells WJZ she remains in treatment for her battle against addiction.

After months of public pressure and criticism, the clerical career of Bishop Heather Cook appears to be over.

In a move surprising to some, Cook’s attorney, Dave Irwin, released a statement:

“Miss Cook resigned as bishop suffragan of Maryland Diocese. She will no longer function as an ordained person in the Episcopal church,” wrote Irwin. “More importantly, on behalf of Miss Cook, we continue to express our deepest sympathy and regret to the Palermo family.”

Cook went from being the first female bishop in the diocese of Maryland to the center of a hit-and-run investigation, shattering the hearts of many.

A memorial still stands along Roland Avenue, where prosecutors say Cook was driving drunk in December before killing father of two and cyclist Tom Palermo.

Investigators say Cook’s blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit and that she was texting and driving.

She was arraigned last month, appearing stone faced at times while her attorney spoke by her side.

“The plea at the moment is not guilty to all charges, but we’re still going through the discovery,” said Irwin.

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Rick Ritter

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