Dr. Ben Carson on Freddie Gray: ‘It Would Be Almost Impossible to Acquire Such an Injury by Simply Rolling Around In a Van’


Dr. Ben Carson, likely GOP presidential candidate, said, “I was happy to see that the prosecutor came out sooner rather than later with a statement about a tragic incident surrounded by significant clouds of suspicion.”

His statement came after the announcement that six police officers will be criminally charged in the death of Freddie Gray, who died earlier this month while in police custody.

As a former neurosurgeon, Carson discussed Gray’s fatal wound.

“The type of injury incurred by Mr. Freddie Gray at the base of the cervical spine with significant damage to the spinal cord requires a great deal of direct pressure to that area,” Dr. Carson explained. “It would be almost impossible to acquire such an injury by simply rolling around in a van, regardless of how violently.”

Carson said there is a high likelihood that direct trauma had to have occurred.

“Let us hope that whoever inflicted said trauma did not intend to yield such an outcome. It is undoubtedly true that this entire situation would be easier on everyone if admission of whatever guilt exists and a full description of what occurred is presented to the necessary authorities,” stated Carson.

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SOURCE: Breitbart
Alex Swoyer

One comment

  1. It’s not like Ben to be so skeptical. Surely God could have supplied Gray with such injuries from his simply rolling around in a van.

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