How to Get Out of a Sex Rut


One of the most unfair facts of life is that the length of your relationship and the intensity of your sex drive often have an inverse correlation. The longer you’re with your guy, the more you warm to the thought of spending your lives together until you both die, hand-in-hand, The Notebook -style. Your comfort level skyrockets, and your feelings for him will probably reach depths you couldn’t even have imagined. But as that happens, your urge to have sex often weakens as time goes on, sometimes going into complete hibernation for long periods much like a bear does in winter. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to break out of the dreaded sex rut.

1. Role play. Surprise him with a different wig every night of the week. Try out different accents. Meet up at a bar, pretend you don’t know each other, and try to get the other person to go home with you. Using your imagination in this way will force you to think outside the box. Plus, you’ll feel a little like you’re having sex with someone totally different.

2. Change up the location. For a month, make the bed off-limits. You can do it on the kitchen floor, in the shower ( just be careful! ), or in your car at 3:00 a.m. Switching up the location of the action will help add a sense of newness to your sex life and you’ll have to get innovative—you can’t do regular old missionary, no matter how much you love it, when you’re crammed into the front-seat of your car.

3. Do things out of order. Most couples fall into a routine. Maybe you guys always kiss, then he goes down on you, then you do missionary , then you get on top. When the progression is so ingrained, it’s natural that you’d both get a little bored. To combat this, make a concerted effort to jump around in your regular repertoire.

4. Have midnight sex . Sleep is precious, but so are orgasms. Having a dreamy quickie can help shock you out of your routine in a snap.

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Source: Glamour | Zahra Barnes

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