“America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys, Does Not Need Men With Domestic Violence Issues to Win


Just like the Dallas Cowboys did not need the very controversial homosexual football player, Michael Sam, last year to win (which we said), the Cowboys also do not need Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, or even Adrian Peterson, who has recently expressed a desire to play in Dallas, to win either.

Regarding Greg Hardy: If it is true that he did what the women have accused him of, then he should not enjoy the privilege of playing on America’s Team — the storied Dallas Cowboys — the team of Tom Landry, Roger Staubach, Emmitt Smith, and many other Christian men who won because they were on the ‘winning side’ having given their lives to Jesus Christ.

Regarding Ray Rice: We are glad that he has recently trusted Christ as Savior, but no one on our staff knows of any man under any circumstance (be they drunk or angry) who balls up his fist and hits a woman like he would hit a man. Any man who can hit a woman like Ray Rice hit his wife, Janay, should not play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Regarding Adrian Peterson: We are all for parents chastising their children and using corporal punishment, but we don’t see the wisdom of a noncustodial parent taking on the chastisement responsibility if they are not with the child most of the time. In this case, the child’s mother should be the one doing the chastising since Adrian Peterson chose not to marry her. Also, we still have concerns and questions about the death of his other son at the hands of another man. This kind of confusion is not a good fit for America’s Team, the storied Dallas Cowboys.

What Dallas really needs is not a better quarterback, but a quarterback with a winning heart.

-BCNN1 Editors

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