Best Buy to Begin Accepting Payments Via Apple Pay

Apple Pay terminal at Walgreens (PHOTO CREDIT: Sean Fujiwara)
Apple Pay terminal at Walgreens (PHOTO CREDIT: Sean Fujiwara)

Apple just revealed a huge boost for its mobile payment offerings from retailer Best Buy.

On an earnings conference call late Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said Best Buy would begin accepting payments via Apple Pay on Best Buy’s iPhone app now, and in Best Buy’s physical stores later in the year.

Apple Pay, the service that lets folks pay for goods with the iPhone or the new Apple Watch, has struggled to add high-profile retailers since its launch in September with Whole Foods, McDonald’s, Subway, Panera Bread and others.

Best Buy is a member of the MCX consortium of retailers that had planned to offer an alternative mobile payment system, one that offers rewards to shoppers. Best Buy, Wal-Mart, CVS and Rite-Aid lead the list of participants.

MCX was in the news soon after Apple Pay launched when CVS and Rite-Aid disabled their point of sale contact machines that had been working with Google’s Wallet mobile service, when it discovered that customers were using it with Apple Pay.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Jefferson Graham

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