Tina Campbell Reveals Artwork for Forthcoming Album and Book

Tina Campbell works

May 7th, the official album and book release date for GRAMMY® Award-winning singer Tina Campbell, is quickly approaching.

Last week, she finally unveiled the official artwork for both projects.

The covers for musical CD, It’s Personal and the devotional, I Need A Day To Pray, each show a serious-faced 40-year-old Campbell striking a similar pose, appearing reflective.

The simplicity of the black-and-white-themed photographs keep Campbell as the focal point. She appears between rustic window frames on the album cover and leans on a single white beam on the book cover.

Typically, album and book rollout schedules showcase artwork and reveal release dates much sooner than Campbell’s. Though unconventional in her case, the long delays and slow release of information about the projects have seemingly served to heighten interest and curiosity from the artist’s strong fan base.

When the book was born, according to Campbell, she didn’t realize she was penning a non-fiction work that would later be shared publicly. In the moment, her deeply personal meditations were written to God in a quest for healing from brokenness.

“I went through great challenges in my marriage, in my family, I lost my father, [went through] great changes in my career, financial issues, I had just had a baby, I was dealing with post-partum, and all of this happened in a short amount of months,” said Campbell in a video sharing excerpts of I Need A Day To Pray.

“So I was overwhelmed. I was taken aback. I seemed to have lost my way and when I opened up the Bible and I began to read it, life would just come together. Everything that was crazy would seem sane. Everything that was making me scared and fearful, and feeling anxious, would seem to calm, and I’d have
confidence and I’d, like, feel my strength coming back.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Angela Davis

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