NYC Police Detective Fatally Shoots Mentally Ill Robbery Suspect


An NYPD detective fatally shot a robbery suspect Saturday after the wanted man attacked the cop’s partner inside an East Village halfway house, officials said.

Detectives Vincente Matias and Harold Carter from the 26th Precinct in Harlem showed up at the East Village halfway house around 1:50 p.m. following a tip that a 22-year-old robbery suspect was living in a residence inside the building at 538 E. 6th St.

When he caught wind of police in his midst, the man, identified as Felix David by police sources, fled through a sixth-floor window and down a fire escape, where the detectives chased him into the building’s first-floor lobby.

A fight that lasted up to five minutes ended with a single shot fired by Carter after the suspect walloped Matias with one of the detective’s own walkie-talkies.

“There was a pretty violent, physical altercation,” a police source said. “He grabbed one of the detective’s radios and hammered him in the head with it.

“The partner pulled out his gun and fired once,” the source added.

Cornered, the suspect grabbed one of the detective’s radios and hit him over the head with it, sources said. The other detective also suffered a head injury in a scuffle that lasted five minutes.

One of the detectives fired a single shot, hitting the suspect in the torso, police officials said.

“They spotted him in the lobby,” a police source said.

Emergency responders rushed the suspect to Beth Israel Hospital, where he died, sources said.

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