Eagles’ Mark Sanchez Says Tim Tebow ‘Another Guy to Throw’ at Camp

Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow

The Philadelphia Eagles have publicly stated that Tim Tebow will have a chance to make their roster as a quarterback.

But Mark Sanchez, who also is in the Eagles’ quarterback mix, does not seem concerned by Tebow’s presence in camp.

“He’s obviously a great guy, he works hard. And we needed another guy to throw while [Sam Bradford] is still recovering,” Sanchez said during an interview Friday with CSNPhilly.com. “So that’s kind of the reason there [for the signing], at least as it was explained to me.”

The Eagles signed Tebow on Monday, adding the former Heisman Trophy winner to a roster that already includes Sanchez, who started eight games for Philadelphia last season, and Bradford, who was acquired in an offseason trade despite missing most of the last two seasons with knee injuries.

Eagles vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz said Thursday that Tebow will “have an opportunity to compete for a roster spot here” as a quarterback, praising his improved throwing mechanics.

Tebow was Sanchez’s backup in 2012 with the Jets, but his popularity among fans helped to create a quarterback controversy in New York throughout the season.

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