David and Tamela Mann Celebrate 27 Years of Marriage

Photo Credit: GETTY
Photo Credit: GETTY

It is a beautiful thing to see Godly unions thriving and a great big Happy Anniversary is in order for Christian couple David and Tamela Mann.

Friday, April 24, marks the 27th year of marriage for the stars of Bounce TV’s “Mann & Wife.”

“27 years down and a lifetime to go!! It’s our anniversary,” posted the actors on their shared Facebook page, along with a collage of sweet photographs.

So, what will the lovable pair be doing to celebrate their special day?

During an interview with Black Hollywood Live Network last month, Tamela said, “I haven’t even asked for anything. I’m just happy to be together and we’re still in love.”

The content wife, who believes in cultivating marital bliss daily and not just on special occasions, said, “He takes care of me all year round, so it’s like, I always get what I want. He gets what he wants and I think that’s what makes our marriage work.”

If, on the other hand, Tamela decides to make a request, she has one demand: “I want something for me if I’m going to get something. I don’t want it for the house. I just want it for me.”

Since the husband and wife team are both partners in business and life, how do they keep the spark alive?

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Ann Harris

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