WATCH: Tony Evans Talks Racial Reconciliation and the Church on “The Table Podcast”

Tony Evans
Tony Evans

Beyond Ferguson: Biblical Racial Reconciliation

Biblical Racial Reconciliation
Part 1

00:15 What do Caucasians need to know about the African American experience?
04:43 Racism and classism in organizational structures
09:37 How focusing on character helps develops empathy
16:22 Negotiating and coping with intercultural experiences
19:46 Evans explains his reconciliation ministry in the context of Ferguson
25:04 Biblical reconciliation refers to both God and neighbor

Racial Reconciliation and the Church
Part 2

00:15 How to bring culture and race under Christ’s authority
05:36 Cross cultural engagement in the church
07:43 Regression and the breakdown of African American families
13:38 The difference the church can make in the community
18:46 How churches can contribute to reconciliation efforts
25:36 Evans explains the ministry of the Urban Alternative

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