Virginia Church Provides Hope for Christian Singles


More Americans than ever before are delaying marriage. Research shows marriage used to be the corner stone of adult life; it’s now become the capstone – especially for millenials.

Christian singles are finding God has a purpose and plan for this season in their lives.

Connect is a 30s and up singles ministry of New Life Providence Church in coastal Virginia.The church has a membership of about 5,000 people; about 50 percent are single.

“I think its good our church has a singles ministry,” Connect member William Wells told CBN News.

“We have older people, we have young adults, and we have kids because singleness is a big issue in our culture and the church is a good place for us to talk about it. We need to talk about it because single people struggle just like married people” he continued.

CBN news anchor and author Wendy Griffith spoke candidly to the group about her journey as a single woman, and the heartbreak that helped her figure out the kind of love God has in store for her.

“One thing I learned that God showed me after the break-up was that I had loved him, but I had not loved myself. When you know your own value you don’t settle for bad behavior,” Griffith said during her speech.

The lesson she learned from that heartbreak turned into a book – You Are a Prize to Be Won . God used that book to change Diane Araj’s life.

“It (You Are a Prize to Be Won) really transitioned me onto a total different path of confidence and standing up for myself, knowing that I am a prize to be won, and that I shouldn’t be trying to be worried what other people are thinking,” Araj said.

Griffith says men and women like Araj are why she is sharing her story.

“I just stand in amazement of God, how He can take the worst year of our deepest pain, heartache and turn it into a blessing for others,” Griffith said.

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Alesia Hill and Charlene Aaron

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