Former Seattle SuperSonics Star Gary Payton Suspended from Fox Sports After Assault Allegations


Former NBA star Gary Payton is accused of assaulting a woman three times in one night back in January, according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports.

The woman, Trishtan Williams, claims she accompanied Payton as his date to an awards function in Seattle when afterwards they went to a local bar where Payton allegedly shoved her over something she said.

Williams claims she was assaulted again when they got into his car and a third time when they arrived at their hotel room.

Williams is being represented by attorney Gloria Allred. It is unclear what initiated Payton to allegedly assault Williams.

Payton spent 18 years in the NBA, playing for the Seattle Supersonics, Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat.

Source: New York Daily News | JOHN HEALY

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