Ted Cruz Urges Pastors Across America to Preach and Pray Against Homosexual Marriage Because ‘Marriage Was God’s Idea, and He Will Preserve It, With or Without Us’

Ted Cruz

GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is sending a letter to tens of thousand of pastors asking them to stand with God and pray during the two-hour time frame on April 28 when the Supreme Court hears a landmark same-sex marriage case. The justices will decide whether the Constitution allows homosexual couples the right to marry no matter where they reside or whether states have the right to say marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Cruz asks the pastors the following in the letter: “How will the American church respond?…Will we be on the right side of history, the side occupied by the Author of history? Otherwise we will fall victim to the fashions of the times. .. Marriage was God’s idea, and He will preserve it, with or without us. But how could we miss a chance to stand with Him on behalf of something so wonderful?”

The idea to hold a prayer service during that time frame came from David Lane with the American Renewal Project. Cruz and other presidential candidates have a good relationship with him because they believe in what he’s doing to bring America back to its’ Judeo-Christian roots.

Click here to read letter.

David Brody

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