Nick Cannon Says Mariah Carey Will “Always Be the Love of My Life”

Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon still has a whole lot of love for Mariah Carey.

Just a few short weeks after reuniting with his ex for an “amazing” Easter egg hunt with the twins, the America’s Got Talent judge is showing signs that his separation isn’t as ugly as some first thought.

In fact, on Monday’s all-new Meredith Vieira Show, Cannon may just get fans wondering if a reconciliation with Carey really is possible for the future.

“It’s one of those things, I’m a hopeless romantic too,” Cannon told Meredith Vieira. “Through this learning process, you never say never. To me one thing I know, that will always be the love of my life, my family and that’s never going to change.”

Recently, a camera crew asked Cannon about getting back together with Carey. When he responded “never say never,” many tabloids took his words and ran with them.

But before fans get too excited, the Wild ‘N Out star wants fans to know that the media coverage surrounding his divorce hasn’t always been fair or accurate.

“It’s extremely disappointing when you see that people just want to perpetuate negativity when there is no negativity even involved,” he explained. “They want to make up stuff and create things. You kind of get to that place where, I’ve always been the most open and honest person but I understand kind of playing it close to the vest because when you start to feed into it and there are so many false items and people just want to speculate then you don’t want to say anything at all.”

In fact, all the rumors and speculations has given Cannon a new appreciation for Carey’s desire to keep things in the family private.

“That’s one thing I actually admire Mariah because she is professional,” he added. “You ain’t going to get nothing out of her. I was like you know what, I’m learning. I’m learning.”

As the rapper and host tries to stay quiet, he’ll instead focus on his career and “dem babies” that turn four at the end of the month.

“Family is the number one priority,” he recently shared with E! News. “It’s always making sure that you make that connection first.”

SOURCE: E! Online – Mike Vulpo

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