Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Is the Oldest Black Church at Fort Motte, South Carolina

Calhoun County Museum and Cultural Center
Calhoun County Museum and Cultural Center

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church was established on Aug, 17, 1867. It is believed to be the oldest African-American church in the Fort Motte area. 

Two years after the Emancipation Proclamation, The Heatley, Cheves, McCord and Smythe families donated the land and building for Mount Pleasant Church.

The founding fathers were Harry Stuart, Anderson Keitt, Cudjo Cunningham, William McCrae, Isreal Cheeseboro and Caleb (last name unknown).

This group’s vision led to Mount Pleasant Church and a school being built. Mt. Pleasant served as a mission school for the black children in the Fort Motte community for many years.

These freed slaves were former residents of neighboring Goshen, Oakland, Belleville and Lang Syne plantations. This group organized a branch congregation from Buckhead Church in the Fort Motte Community.

The original wooden church building was built by local craftsman Anderson Keitt Sr.

In 1924 there was split in the congregation. Out of the split, New Bethany Baptist Church was formed.

The first pastor of Mt. Pleasant was the Rev. Evans. The second pastor was the Rev. Henry Duncan. Duncan is remembered as the minister who dedicated the church to the community. He died in 1905.

In the 1970s, the church was faced with growth and it was decided that the old wooden structure would be enclosed and an addition would be added.

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Source: The T & D

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