Feds Make Arrests In Anti-Terror Sweep Against ISIS Recruiters


Federal agents took several people into custody in Minneapolis and San Diego on Sunday as part of a joint terrorism task force investigation, reports said.

U.S. attorney Andrew Luger said authorities executed near-simultaneous arrests in the two cities, MPRNews.org reported.

ABC News said at least six people were expected to be taken into custody by the end of the operation.

The arrests come as the FBI has been trying to identify who has been recruiting young men and women in Minneapolis to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

In December, federal prosecutors in Minneapolis called the recruitment pipeline “a longstanding criminal conspiracy with members known and unknown.”

MPR said a Somali woman, who the broadcaster did not name, said her two sons were arrested after the FBI arrived at her house around noon. One of her sons was arrested at her house, and the other was arrested in San Diego.

Ben Petok, a spokesman for Luger, declined to offer further details but said there was no threat to public safety, MPR News reported.


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