Rebecca St. James’ Latest Book, “One Last Thing”, Focuses on Healing In Community from Pornography

One Last Thing

Imagine that weeks before your wedding, you walked in on your fiancé, an upstanding Christian man, watching pornography.

That’s the premise of One Last Thing, a novel from Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue. St. James is best known as a Grammy-winning Christian singer; Rue is the author of several novels for both adolescents and adults. Their latest book resonates with me as a Christian woman on the dating scene—and one who recently wrote about the pervasive problem of pornography among Christians.

Porn use has become so commonplace that some people think Christian women should stop regarding it as a deal-breaker in dating, lest they end up with no husband at all. St. James and Rue tackle this idea head-on in their story. When Tara Faulkner discovers her fiancé’s secret habit, she’s ripped out of her fantasies of the perfect wedding and the happily-ever-after marriage, and faced with the kind of decision she’s never had to face.

St. James and Rue take a risk in presenting us with this spoiled young Southern belle of a protagonist, whose obsession with having the best of everything—from the best furniture to the best house to the best husband—makes her initially unappealing. But it’s a risk that pays off. Forced to rebuild her world from scratch, Tara has to come to terms with her own immaturity and the weakness of her faith in God.

Ironically, Seth, her fiancé, was always the one who acted as spiritual leader and set the sexual boundaries in their relationship. (Tara once thought he held to his stance on premarital abstinence because he respected her; eventually he confesses that it’s because, after watching so much porn, he’s come to conflate sex with abuse.)

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Gina Dalfonzo

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