Christian-Owned In-N-Out Is Still America’s Favorite Burger Place

Animal Style or bust.(Flickr user kevinv033)
Animal Style or bust.(Flickr user kevinv033)

For the third year in a row, Americans ranked the iconic California burger chain In-N-Out as their favorite “limited-service” restaurant chain, according to the influential industry publication Nation’s Restaurant News, in its annual Consumer Picks survey. It also scored the top spot in the hamburger chain category.

(“Limited-service” includes basically anywhere where you pay at a counter—quick service and fast casual restaurants, buffets, cafeterias, and chain steak houses such as Sizzler.)

The family-owned brand has a cult following of foodies and celebrities, from the roving chef Anthony Bourdain to the teen pop idol Miley Cyrus. But to many East Coasters’ chagrin, it hasn’t traveled further from its original California location than Texas.

The Consumer Picks 2015 survey ranks 172 restaurant brands based on food quality, cleanliness, and atmosphere, among other attributes. The survey results are based on 42,196 responses to an online survey that asked respondents to rate restaurants they had been to in the last six months. Results should be taken with a grain of salt: While restaurant brands that received less than 100 ratings were not included, 27 received only between 100 and 149 ratings. Eighty-five were rated by more than 200 respondents.

In the Limited Service category, In-N-Out got the highest score with a 71.9%, which included high marks on reputation (86.5%), food quality (84.6%), “likely to recommend” (81.3%), service (79.5%), “likely to return” (77.8%), and “craveability” (74.9%). At the low end, the chain got a 55.7% for atmosphere and a 31.3% for its menu variety—its offerings are limited to burgers, fries, and shakes, though it’s famous for its “secret menu” of variations on those items.

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SOURCE: Quartz‎
Deena Shanker

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